WATCH: Summer Outlook 2017

This summer is expected to start off slowly, temperature-wise

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC-TV) - We are rounding out weather week with the summer outlook 2017! We did pretty well with the winter forecast last November, and we are hoping to do the same with the summer outlook.

We are thinking a slow start to summer as May will see temperatures below average. We are expecting a pretty nice rebound of that warm summer like air during the middle and end of summer.

With all of the rain and moisture that is in the ground right now, we are expecting a humid summer with above average rainfall. The water that is in the ground now will evaporate and tend to lead to more cloud cover and more rain showers around.

We are also thinking that we may have a stormier than average pattern as well as storms develop in the Midwest.

As far as 90° days go: we are thinking we will see about average frequency which is about 9 days that are 90° or hotter.

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