Summer drought taking toll on lawn care companies

Dry grass means mowers are losing business

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC-TV) - Is your lawn looking fried right now? You're not alone. This summer's drought is taking its toll on yards everywhere.

The hum of the mower can be heard less and less these days.

"It's going on our 23rd year in business, and to be honest, it's the worst I've ever seen," said Mike Callahan, president of Callahan’s Lawn Care.

This summer's hot, dry weather is causing lawn care companies like Callahan's to lose ground – and money.

"It's a tough balancing act. We've actually gone out and tried to solicit more maintenance work so that our mowing crew can actually keep some more work going,” Callahan said. “But the last thing we want to do is do something detrimental to our consumer and go out and mow a lawn that doesn't need to be mowed."

Most homeowners sign a contract for lawn care, similar to snowplowing. Others pay as you mow. Callahan says his business is losing about $2,500 to $3,000 a week.

If your lawn is starting to look like brown, dry, and straw-like, lawn care companies say don't fret – there's still time to save it.

"We suggest that you water your lawn infrequently in heavier spots and durations. So, approximately one inch for the whole week. Done in two increments, probably a half inch each,” said Callahan. “If you water very lightly you'll address the top, and not the root growth, which can actually be harmful to the grass."

A lawn can go dormant for a couple of weeks then spring back into action, but you have to act fast. Like summer – time is running out.

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