Rochester Train Station Project brings promise

ROCHESTER, N.Y. - "It was dismal. It was like a 1950s Grey Hound Bus Station. Not good," said CEO of Lumetrics, John Hart. 

The Rochester Train Station is getting a much needed face-lift and becoming a soon-to be state-of-the-art station. Something Hart, is looking forward to.

"Actually some of our optics folks take the train up to San Francisco to some of the big trade shows, so having better transportation is going to help our business for sure," said Hart. 

Congresswoman Louise Slaughter secured federal funding to make the new 3.5 million dollar train station.
Saying it will improve Rochester businesses and tourists' travel needs.

"Because we need to make sure we get goods and services where they need to go. You can't have an economy that grows if your infrastructure is so bad - that you can't accommodate their needs," said Congresswoman Slaughter. 

But not everyone is confident that a new train station will bring in jobs, let a lone make people want to visit the city.

"I don't know it might help generate more ticket sales but I don't know if there are necessarily going to be people coming in from somewhere else to Rochester," said Meredith Lamb, a resident. 

"I'm not sure if it will bring in more jobs.. I mean at the train station yes, but not other than that..." added another resident, Amanda Jackson. 

As the three- year project is soon coming to a close, Slaughter says, she's confident that this project will add to Downtown Rochester's transformation.

"So when they get into Rochester they can go visit any county.. and it's really great. We're coming into this century," Slaughter added.

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