Rochester protests Dakota Access Pipeline

The protest took place downtown at the Liberty Pole

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC-TV) - Support on stopping an oil pipeline in North Dakota has reached Rochester.

The Dakota Access Pipeline would run near a Sioux reservation.

Those who oppose the pipeline say it would damage sacred Indian ground, and damage the ecosystem.

Popular movie stars like Shailene Woodley and Mark Ruffalo are just a few who have spoken out against the pipeline. Woodley even was a protester and was arrested.

Protesters at the event in Rochester say that it could one day happen here.

"If we were to have a church cemetery in Rochester where an oil pipeline was going to go then the entire city would be up in arms," said protester Kristin Reisch. "So i think we as a nation need to stand up and protect the indigenous people's burial ground, and even more importantly protect water. "

The three point 7-billion project would transport roughly 400-thousand barrels of crude oil a day from North Dakota into a refinery in Illinois.

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