Rochester goes green with electric vehicle grant

Rochester uses more electric car charging ports than any other New York city

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC-TV) - Rochester is going green, through a New York State Energy Research and Development Authority grant to introduce electric vehicles. 

According to the NYSERDA, Rochester uses more electric car charging ports than any other city in New York State.

Tom Trabold is an associate professor and the head of the Golisano Institute for Sustainability at the Rochester Institute of Technology. He drives about thirteen miles to work every day in his electric car and says, he says he loves it.

"I can drive entire distance on all electric charge, so it’s very quiet, very seamless," Trabold said.

Trabold owns a plug-in hybrid that uses a combination of gas and electric charge.  He charges his vehicle in the evening, and again when he gets to work.

He says he has saved a significant amount of money driving his hybrid versus a traditional gas car.

"Because it has ample charge for me to get home and back, I only fill up with gasoline once every two months," he said.

Trabold and Enid Cardinal, the senior sustainability advisor to RIT’s president, says electric cars are their choice of vehicles because they are interested in sustainability and limiting greenhouse emissions.

Cardinal says that even though the cars use electricity to charge, they’re much cleaner than gas-powered vehicles, noting that “New York State has one of the cleanest grids in the country.

Trabold says his vehicle is a significant improvement to global warming, and that his car is just plain fun to drive.

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