Rochester businesses look to hire special needs employees

Businesses look to hire special needs, veteran, and refugee employees.

ROCHESTER, N.Y. - A conference on employment opportunities for people with disabilities, refugees, veterans, and people in poverty was held in Rochester on Thursday.

"I adopted a son at eight months old and he is a special needs child and he is graduating from high school and what happens then is that there's no place for these kids to go," said Andy Bonafiglia. 

Unitl now, but Andy Bonafiglia is looking to fix that problem for her son, Ben, and other people with special needs, by creating a company that will employ them.

"We'll have a job for every type of special needs," said Bonafiglia. 

Ben-O-fficial Goods, named for her son, will make sure that any person with special needs looking for a job will have one.

"How can you help men and women who are viewed as part of the problem to be part of the solution?" asked Robert Eggers, keynote speaker for the conference.

 Eggers said employing these often overlooked members of society isn't just charity, but makes good economic sense.

 "In a town like Rochester where you have to keep business local that;s all these businesses do they don't have stockholders, their stockholders are the community," said Eggers.

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