"Right to Try" bill would allow terminally ill patients in New York access to experimental drugs

Local mother with metastatic breast cancer hopes the bill will pass

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC-TV) - There's a State Senate bill currently being worked through the committee that would allow terminally ill patients a chance to try experimental drugs that are not FDA approved. 

The hope is that patients will be given the "Right to Try" to improve their condition. 

Susan Rahn, a mother of three, has terminal metastatic breast cancer. She hopes this bill could allow her to try any potential treatment that could extend her life. 

Currently, drugs have to go through two phases before becoming FDA approved for clinical trials. And even clinical trials can be very difficult for patients to get into, with patients often times dying of disease in the meantime. 

Susan just hopes that the voices of those actually living with terminal illnesses will be heard. 

"We're willing to take whatever side effects may come, because a drug hasn't been tested if our other option is dying and we're in that position," she says. "We're willing to take that chance."

If this bill does pass, the experimental medications would have to be paid for out of pocket by patients, which is one of the concerns of those against the bill. They do not want terminally ill patients taken advantage of. 

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