Putting You First: Malware Monday

News 8 answers your questions about computer privacy security

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC-TV) - News 8 is Putting You First this Monday, with our Malware Monday call-in event. 

Adam Chodak is joined by participants from GreyCastle Security, Logical Operations, LyteSpeed Computers, and Eagledream Technologies to answer your questions about computer privacy and security. 

Panelists gave answers to questions about ransomware, online banking, cloud services, end user license agreements, giving access to applications, and what to do if you're hacked. 

Experts say you have to keep your eye out for things that don't look right. They advise you verify updates, email links, and websites that ask for personal information. 

"So what we do in those situations, is you get the real number for the organization. You call, and you ask," says Paul Robinson, with GreyCastle Security. "We also say 'trust your gut.' You know if something doesn't feel right and feels uncomfortable and doesn't seem like it's adding up. Trust your gut on that and you're using your instincts on that." 



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