Pro-life billboard invokes Susan B. Anthony

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC-TV) - A billboard in Rochester above 490 that proclaims “peace begins in the womb” – and invokes Susan B. Anthony – has been turning heads.

A pro-life group that goes by the name Feminists for Life is behind the campaign. They say on the front page of their website that Anthony sought to address the root causes of abortion.

We asked Deborah Hughes, president of the Susan B. Anthony House – what position would Ms. Anthony take?

“Wouldn't we like to know?” Hughes said. “And if she was here, we could ask her about that."

Hughes says she is familiar with this group, and says they have misrepresented Ms. Anthony – and there is no record of her position on the issue of abortion.

"To make a statement that Susan B. Anthony had a political position is to mistake the truth,” said Hughes. “She never made a statement about the criminalization of abortion, and it’s not an issue she took on."

Hughes explains that during the Victorian era, abortions were legal. This political issue hasn't gone away. 

"By the late 1830s, there was a big push to criminalize abortions, to make it illegal,” she said. “Susan B. Anthony didn't get in that fight. Here's a woman who took on social issues, but she chose not to make a public statement."

Hughes says, it's still an honor that Susan B. Anthony is still relevant today.

"It's wonderful that Susan B. Anthony has gained so much respect in the public that we all want to say that Susan B. Anthony was my champion for my cause, for my politics," Hughes said.

We reached out to Feminists for Life, and their president will speak with us next week. 

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