Ontario County Landfill Faces Possible Closing

An Ontario County town could lose almost half of its revenue if the Ontario County Landfill in Seneca closes.  
Town of Seneca residents have not had to pay property taxes since the landfill moved in 12 years ago.
But the landfill is running out of room. Operators are waiting for the state to give permission on an expansion. 
If the town of Seneca doesn't get permission for the expansion, the landfill will close. 
"If I cannot determine what our revenue stream will be for 2016 I have to budget for the worst," said John Sheppard, Seneca town supervisor. 
The worst could mean an increase of hundreds of dollars a year for some property owners. Tim Scoon has lived across the street from the landfill for more than a decade. 
"It's..it's gonna hurt," said Scoon. "It's gonna hurt a lot of people here in the town."
Without the expansion, the landfill is expected to fill up by April 2016.
Jerry Leone, the regional manager with Casella Waste Systems, said he's not sure where the waste would go if that happens. 
"We're one of the fifth largest landfills in the state of New York," said Leone. "It's a pretty important asset to the state and local communities. So closing the facility would certainly have its impacts regionally in this area."
One thing is clear, if the landfill shuts down people could potentially lose their jobs. 
"We have a number of Ontario County employees at the site," added Leone. "...and if the landfill delays were to continue, there could be impacts with the local labor force."
There will be a public hearing for the 2016 budget in the Town of Seneca on October 20, at 7:30 p.m.

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