Local woman headed to Los Angeles as part of nation-wide soap opera contest

EAST ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC-TV) - Deepa Patel is an aspiring actress. She has been a fan of "the Bold and the Beautiful" daytime soap opera since she was a little girl. 

"My grandmother who lived with us, she was actually, she practically raised me with my parents," said Deepa. "So she lived with us for about 20 or something odd years and, even though she didn't know a word of English, she understood soap operas."

Deepa auditioned locally for a nationwide contest for a chance to win a walk-on role on a CBS daytime drama, and was selected as a finalist. 
"Just going into the audition itself, I just kind of decided 'you know what? This is something that I do want to do in life, eventually, so, you know, why not?'," she said. 
News 8's John Kucko was there to surprise Deepa with the news. John had her look into an iPad, where one of the show's stars broke the news that she had won. 
Deepa, who also received gifts from the show, will fly to Los Angels in the next few weeks to fulfill her dream.

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