Local dentist helps build smiles in the Dominican Republic

Dr. Ron Heinle helped hundreds in the Dominican Republic on a mission trip

BUSHNELL'S BASIN, N.Y. (WROC-TV) - A local dentist has helped make a difference in the lives of many people from the Dominican Republic. He went on a mission trip to provide dental implants to those with no dental care.
Dr. Ron Heinle usually sees patients in his Bushnell's Basin office. But, a few months ago, he went on a mission trip, where he was able to help hundreds of people in the Dominican Republic, who otherwise couldn't afford to see a dentist. 
"Our group was there to do surgery, place implants so that another group could go down later in the year," said Dr. Ron Heinle. "Start to restore those implants and make dentures, brides, and things like that."
The opportunity came after he completed some post-graduate training for implant surgery. He and 20 other dentists worked out of a state of the art facility that was set up in Santa Domingo by an American dentist. 
"He needs dentists to come down and provide implant surgery," said Heinle. "He asked me if I would be willing to do that with him once I finished my training."
In just three days the group did 400 implants. 
"I was so excited because I had just set out to gain some knowledge and here I had an opportunity to use it right away to help citizens there in Santa Domingo," said Heinle.
All of the treatment was provided for free to the Dominican citizens.
"A lot of those people had no teeth in either upper or lower arch, so their ability to function correctly was greatly diminished," said Heinle. "So we were able to build them a new bite and a smile." 
Building confidence and making life easier for those in need. 


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