Legislation in Pittsford could hault new construction at Schoen Place

A vote on the legislation could happen or be tabled Tuesday

Rochester, N.Y (WROC_TV) - Village of Pittsford trustees will vote next Tuesday on legislation that would essentially stop construction north of the Erie Canal for a whole year.

"What it means is the village would stop accepting applications for large projects, to give the village time to update zoning and implement the recommendations of the comprehensive plan,” Village Mayor Bob Corby said.

Corby said an update to village code is much needed.

"It's been about two decades since we've redone the code. It's time.”

But it couldn't have come at a worse time for local developer Wilmorite. The company is in the process of trying to redevelop parts of Schoen place along the Erie Canal, with an 80 room hotel and spa, and a mixed-use building at the site of the old Bean Mill.

When it was first proposed in March, Corby told News 8 there were already some concerns from the village.

"There’s a lot of technical issues with the project, regarding drainage," he said. “There's existing infrastructure that runs through the proposed project site. So, there's going to be a lot of study of those issues." 

Though he reassured News 8 the proposal to update village code was not influenced by the Wilmorite plans.

"The concept of a comprehensive plan and a moratorium have been discussed by the village board several years before we knew anything about Wilmorite's project. It has nothing to do with that project.”

A lawyer representing developers told us over the phone, the timing just doesn't seem right and feel the board is trying to halt plans specifically for their project.

"The plan is not etched in stone. We can make adjustments. There are changes that can be made, but until you sit down and talk and get some input, we're not in a position to move forward,” Attorney Alan Knauf said.

For more information on Wilmorite's proposed plan, click here.

For a link to Village of Pittsford's website, click here.

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