How to lower your Spectrum bill

ROCHESTER, N.Y. - "They're charging outrageous prices. They're promising one thing and not getting anywhere near it. They just need to focus on actually providing service to their customers," said Anna Knisely, a Spectrum customer. 

She isn't the only Time Warner Cable turned Spectrum customer to be complaining about their new cable and internet service.

"There's people constantly complaining about different bills," said Seth Graham, a computer specialist. 

Normally a computer specialist, Graham looked into various ways to help now- Spectrum customers save money; especially when it comes to cutting the cable cord.

"We saved 45 dollars instead of using a box on each TV we use one box and the rest of the TVs we use a Roku stick," added Graham. 

Another way to save money is the Spectrum app, which can be used instead of purchasing a DVR. Saving customers about 10 dollars per month.

"All the same stations you get with a box, the only difference is there's a little minute delay from what's actually on TV with the app," said Graham. 

Another way :Spectrum provides a box for every TV in the house, which Graham says is unnecessary and a waste of money.

"So they provide you a modem but their wifi is actually 5 dollars a month. So buy buying a router which you can buy for 20 bucks on amazon you can save 5 dollars a month. So that's one of the ways you can cut costs," he added.

And if you're not tech savy, Graham advises to continue to call spectrum's customer service. Not just once, but multiple times.

"The majority of the people that I've seen that have called up, have been able to get their bill down," said Graham. 

If you want to report your cable complaint to the New York Public Service Commission click the link below:

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