Foodlink helping Houston flood victims

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC-TV) - Trucks from Foodlink are on their way to Houston to deliver essential items to the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Seven food banks in southeast Texas were flooded by Harvey. The largest being the Houston Food Bank

That's why Foodlink is stepping up.

"We are used to helping those in need," Shawn Poutre, director of Rochester's Foodlink distribution center. "When we need to create bandwidth internally, we do that. And if we need all hands on deck, we do that."

In a food bank, there's rows and rows of food. Typically in a flood, only the top shelf can be saved. And in the Houston Food Bank there is no telling how much food was destroyed.

"It's basically the job of the food bank to mobilize and help with emergency food system when the need dramatically rises," Foodlink's Communication Manager Mark Dwyer said. "And that going to happen in the near weeks, days and months ahead."

The first load of food -- all locally donated -- left Foodlink's warehouse Thursday. These donations will help 600 to 700 families in Houston.

"It says we have a great community and when people are in need they come together and they do the right thing," Dwyer said.

Foodlink says natural disasters add to world hunger and right now the people of Houston need our help. 

Click here to find out how you can donate to Foodlink.

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