Elderly man falls to his death after he was mowing his lawn in Webster

"It's just a very unfortunate situation," said Eric Daitz, neighbor. 

Eric Daitz's neighbor was mowing his lawn with a ride along tractor when he suddenly fell off a 30-foot embankment near his home. 

"It's very tragic to hear. It's never a good thing to hear one of your neighbors has passed away, let alone something so sudden," said Daitz. 

His neighbor was 79-years-old. Webster Police say they received a call around 6pm on Sunday from family who discovered his body at the bottom of the embankment right along Lake Ontario on Lake Road. 

"It is a lake shore property and the embankment is about a 30 foot vertical embankment which poses some difficulty for the fire department and police department in the actual investigation," said Lt. Dennis Kohlmeier of the Webster Police Department. "At this point, we're still conducting the investigation."

The U.S. Coast Guard had to get involved. It's unclear what caused the man to fall off the edge or why he was that close to begin with. For now, police are ruling it as an accident. One of the man's neighbors, David Wilbert, didn't know him too well, but says their interactions were always positive. 

"We've seen the guy around. He's very friendly. Actually he had let us take some wood that he had cut down and didn't know what to do with, so it was great to see him around, I just feel horrible that something like this would happen, especially on Father's Day," said Wilbert. 

It's unclear if weather or high lake levels played a role in this man's death. 

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