Controversy over Lake Ontario flooding

Sodus Point, N.Y. (WROC) -- - Arney's marina has been dealing with flooding for the past several days and are continually pumping out water from their showroom. 

The water levels right now are sitting in about 247' which is 18" above average. According to the Army Corps of Engineers the water is forecast to rise over the next few months.

Not only are the rising waters causing major problems for people on the lake shore, but many of these people say that Plan 2014, a policy put in place early in 2017, is to blame.

Glenda Hindman bought her cottage at Sodus Point right on the water back in 2005 and has never seen the water levels this high. "They were coming over the sea wall so fast and so hard," said Hindman, "Of all the years we've been here we've never seen such wave action and wind."

Plan 2014 was a collaboration between politicians across both Canada and the United States, environmentalists, people that live along the shoreline, and gained support from more than 30,000 people before the plan enacted. Now that it is in place and significant flooding has occurred, many are turning to the plan as a reason.

Sodus Point town supervisor Steve LeRoy has been against the plan ever since it started. "I blame the AJC for this, I blame supporters of plan 2014 for this, and I blame legislators that supported it," said LeRoy. "I blame the people that may have had the power to stop it. I blame them for this as well. This is an atrocity."

The plan is a new way to control the water levels with the goal of helping restore the ecosystem around the lake. It is supposed to help create marsh land, help the environment, and marine life and animal life.  "They don't need our help right now, the people do," said LeRoy.

Jim Howe at the Nature Conservancy in Rochester says the old plan was actually doing more harm than good. "It was doing a lot of damage to both the environment and economy of the Lake Ontario region," said Howe.

Howe also said as of late, the new plan has kept the water levels down. "It's worth pointing out that the lake is actually lower now under Plan 2014 than it would have been under the old plan," said Howe. 

Others think differently. "That's not true. That's just not true," said LeRoy.

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