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Child rescued from sewer in south Buffalo

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) - “Just hysterical just screaming for her mom,” said Buffalo Fire Captain Daniel O’Leary.

That’s how a 12-year-old girl was after first responders pulled her to safety around 9 a.m. Tuesday after falling several feet into a sewer in South Buffalo.

“She was standing in about a foot or two of water. Members from Engine 25 and Truck 10 put a 12 foot ladder down and assisted the little girl out” said O’Leary.

Captain Daniel O’Leary says Grace Knox was on her way to Southside Elementary School when she fell into a sewer that was missing its cover.

“She was walking to school about 7:30 so she was in the sewer for approximately an hour before a bystander heard her screaming for help, she was screaming for her mom,” said O’Leary.

Buffalo police say the girl broke her leg in the fall, and was brought to Women and Children’s Hospital.

“Just walking along and she just fell through a hole,” said O’Leary. "Her cell phone was on the side of the hole, outside."

Officials found the cover a short distance from the scene, but can’t explain how it got there.

“The manhole cover was about 5 feet away just sitting in the grass, nobody knows,” said O’Leary.

Photo of Grace in the hospital:

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