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Border Patrol Officers ramp up their efforts in the Rochester area

No ID stay away from bus stations

ROCHESTER, NY (WROC) - Every morning the Greyhound buses pull into the Rochester station usually the same time as the US Border Patrol.  

Carly Fox, an activist for undocumented immigrants passes by this station everyday. 

"You know you wouldn't see them everyday or you'll see one car it would be more sporadic and now it's consistent everyday at least two car or three cars,  " Fox said. 

News 8  saw first hand four officers outside and two inside the station surveying passengers getting on and off buses. 

Immigration attorney Anthony Guidice says this is a longstanding practice. Guidice tells News 8, these officers have the authority to operate within 100 miles of any US Border.  That covers all of Monroe County. 

"It's perfectly legal. There's nothing illegal about it, " Guidice said. 

In fact, Guidice said its common to see US Border Patrol officers roaming inside Rochester Area Walmart Stores. 

"A lot of these foreign nationals, Mexicans, farmers... their working as farmers they get paid and they send money back home. And they get money orders from Walmart,  " Guidice said. 

Still many activists and immigrants themselves are concerned, like University of Rochester Student Raul Ramirez, he's a dreamer.  He was brought to the US as a child.  

Although he has protected status for nor now, he says he no longer takes the bus or the train, for fear of being racially profiled. 

"Look at my skin color, I am definitely darker skin so I feel like at any point I could just come up and ask me my legal status."

Greyhound issued the following statement: 

Per your inquiry, we are required to comply with all local, state and federal laws and cooperate with the relevant enforcement agencies if they ask to board our buses or enter stations. Unfortunately, even routine transportation checks negatively impact our operations and some customers directly. We encourage anyone with concerns about what happened to reach out directly to these agencies. Greyhound is also reaching out to the agencies to see if there is anything we can do on our end to minimize any negative effect of this process.

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