Black Lives Matter day planned in RCSD schools already causing controversy

Black Lives Matter day is planned for RCSD schools Friday

Rochester, N.Y - When the Rochester City School District announced it would have a Black Lives Matter day, it immediately sparked community-wide discussion.           


“Of course all lives matter,” a statement reads. “Black Lives Matter Day means black lives deserve special affirmation, understanding and attention in our district and the rest of society right now."

But critics believe "Black Lives Matter" is a one-sided political movement and they're opposed to the event.

On Thursday, the Frederick Douglass Foundation of New York, a religious and conservative public policy and educational organization, responded with its own statement, saying the event does nothing to heal the racial divide.

“Black Lives Matter is a more of a political arm to a movement. To have that be something in the schools, that's something we shouldn't really be focused on,” Ayesha Kreutz said.

Kreutz is a member of the Frederick Douglass Foundation and a teacher. With an RCSD graduation rate below 50 percent, she said the district needs to focus on academics.

“If you are going to do something and it's in schools, have it be something educational.You could bring in people and say, “how you have overcome?”

The school district said Black Lives Matter day is not affiliated with the Black Lives Matter movement.

It is making lesson plans available to teachers who choose to participate.

Both students and staff are encouraged to wear a shirt, button or sticker to affirm, black lives matter at school.

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