Adam Interviews Kim Pegula

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC-TV) - As Kim Pegula was being interviewed on the 50-yard line, you could hear kids shouting to players, begging for their autograph.

Memories were being made.

Memories are what tie Kim so closely to the Rochester area.

“So many of them when I come back here,” she said. “I've already been to Abbott's (Frozen Custard) because I used to ride my bike down there, best frozen custard ever, so it's one of the things I look forward to when I come to camp is that.”

She also likes to drive by her childhood home in Fairport, a village defined by what hasn't changed.

“Living in the south you don’t really see that anymore,” she said. “I love coming up here, it just reminds me of so many things that I love about this area.”

Both Terry and Kim Pegula profess their love for all of Western New York, but it’s Buffalo, with the two teams, the Bills and Sabres, they now own, that has received the most attention.

Under Kim’s guidance, the city’s once-forlorn waterfront is experiencing a renaissance.

Asked what advice she would give to visionaries in Rochester, Kim said, “Terry and I, we've been very fortunate in our lives, growing up and the success that we've had to be able to some of these things, but we know that not everybody can do it at the same level. But, I tell people all the time, at any level you can have such a positive effect on your community. Little, small, big, medium size and all sorts of ways and it doesn't even have to be in sports.”

At the end of the interview, Kim was asked a question Bills players were asked for their bios: What is your main source of motivation?

“I think it's my husband and I know that's probably the easy answer. There's an age difference between Terry and I, and everything I've learned, I learned from him. Whether it's from business or whether it's from family, because I was a lot a younger than him so I was a clean slate. So now as our youngest is out of the house- he's going to Syracuse University- so now that I'm very involved in the business side, and all the organizations, and he'll be like, ‘You're so busy, why are you doing all that?’ You made me that way, the things that I try to do, I don't think he sometimes realized what he was doing. I said, ‘You made me this way.’ The reason I want to do this and involved in that, he's probably my biggest inspiration.”

Perhaps others are already deriving inspiration from her and her commitment to improve her community through sports.

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