Adam Interviews Colin Quinn

Former SNL Weekend Update anchor still taking on issues of the day

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC-TV) - Colin Quinn has been a lot of things on screen and on stage – inoffensive isn’t one of them.

Many Americans were introduced to Quinn’s brusque delivery on Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update.

From there he took his penchant for political commentary to his own show, Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn, where comedians would let loose on any and all issues of the day no matter how sensitive.

This weekend, Quinn is performing at Comedy at Carlson in Rochester and took time before his shows to talk with Adam.

When asked for his thoughts on today’s political scene, Quinn said, “I think it’s sad that we’re coming to this divide. I feel that social media just showed that we don’t get along and now everyone has their opinions in so it’s sad, but it’s the way it is.”

To improve the tenor on social media, Quinn suggests a dose of humility.

“I do a joke where I go, ‘It’s natural that we lose humility. If you have more than 12 followers, you have more than Jesus had, so you start to think God complex,’” Quinn said.

Another potential remedy, according to Quinn, is more comedy.

“Comedy is people who expose the hypocrisy on all sides including their own. If I’m just a guy saying this is what’s wrong with the government and I’m not saying I’m hypocritical too, like the government, in fact, you can almost look at it as a microcosm of people,” Quinn said.

While Quinn rolls his eyes upon hearing the term “political correctness,” he does acknowledge there is a line behind indelicacy and indecency.

“You know it when you see it, like what they used to say about the definition of pornography, the Supreme Court says we know it when we see it. You can tell when someone is just trying to be nasty, trying to slip one by, instead of wait a minute, I want to discuss things honestly.”

Quinn performs twice Saturday evening at Comedy at the Carlson. You can find ticket information here.




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