A proposed bike trail linking Irondequoit Bay Park and Tryon Park is creating controversy

Eileen Collins loves her quiet street in East Irondequoit, but her street could soon become a major access point to a proposed biking trail that would link Irondequoit Bay Park and Tryon Park. 

"We're very much against having this trail that would include people on mountain bikes, but hikers also," said Collins. 

She and several of her neighbors are concerned the path would run just a few feet from her backyard. 

"We expressed our concerns about the proximity of trails, parking, strangers being very close to homes," said Collins. 

The land where the trail will be constructed is owned by the Monroe County Parks Department. However the land is being granted to a biking organization called GROC, Genesee Regional Off-Road Cyclists. She said she's reached out to county officials to see if there's an alternative route for the bike path. 

"GROC said in their newsletter that they expected quote heavy traffic. It was originally presented to one of our older neighbors that one GROC person wanted to use this entrance so he could get to the park. I don't like that bully stuff," said Collins. 

In a statement Sunday, Monroe County Legislator, Joseph Morelle Jr. who represents Irondequoit said, "The bike trail is close to their property lines and, at times, has created commotion and traffic behind their homes. With the spirit of compromise in mind, I am sure we can find a way for both parties to meet half way."

But until that happens, Collins said she'll raise a Ruckus to keep her street quiet.

A town hall meeting in Irondequoit will be held at the end of April to officially decide on the construction of the bike path. 



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