A local company goes national and now they have a on-the-go app

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC-TV) - A local company is getting national attention tonight.

It’s called This Good World, and it was recently featured in Oprah Magazine.

Emma Daitz says it was inevitable that her company, this good world, would create an app.

Since 2012, this good world has connected consumers with businesses they can feel good about.

The app takes it one step further.

"We really believe in the power that it has to bring more consumers into locally owned stores whether it is locally owned or whether it’s supporting a cause and really making consumers think about where their dollars are going,” said Daitz.

This app can be helpful in many ways whether you want a community-minded bookstore or if you're looking for a locally sourced restaurant.

All you do it click on the app, press the nearby button, and it will show you all the nearby businesses in the area.

Dena Jones with Joe Bean Coffee says they actually roast their coffee in the back rooms and all their menu food is from local places.

Something she says people may not know.

“I think it's really awesome because I feel like a lot of people around even a lot of people in Rochester are coming to recognize that it's a lot more important to support these businesses that are hyper local or that their telling you exactly where their good and products are coming from,” said Jones.

Blair Benson says knowing that Joe Bean Coffee is a local sourced restaurant makes her want to come here even more now.

"I feel like a lot of people want to support these places but it's really hard to find them, so having an app that tells you exactly where you can go that is going to make you feel good, it's going to give them some extra benefit, I just think that's really great,” said Benson.   

Scratch Bakeshop is one of those locally sourced businesses.

Owner Molly Hartley says This Good World has played a huge part in their business taking off.

"We've just been getting busier and busier, now we have a staff of seven full time people with is awesome and now we are just out grown this little space completely so we're moving into a space three times the size,” said Hartley.

Now anybody, any place in the country, can use the app called This Good World.

It features thousands of businesses all over the country.

This good world researches all of the businesses they put on their website and AP.

And they are always looking for new places to put on the map so welcome the public's input.

If you have a restaurant you think should be on the map you can submit your recommendation here.

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