"42nd Street" at Kodak Center

ROCHESTER, NY (WROC-TV) - Premier Theatre Productions will present "42nd Street" at the Kodak Center for Performing Arts April 22-30.

Emily Putnam, who plays Peggy Sawyer, and Rory Cushman, who plays Anytime Annie, discussed the musical Friday on News 8 at Noon.

"It's a great show within a show," said Putnam.  "Peggy is a great character. She follows her dreams. She's a Broadway hopeful. She steps off the bus from Allentown, Pennsylvania hoping to make it big on Broadway, and she rises to the challenge."

Cushman calls "42nd Street" inspiring.  "It's a story where growing up and loving musical theatre, or growing up and loving the stage and music in general, this is a show where you go and see and you're like - yes, there is what I want to be doing," she said.  "It's a classic. You start with just feet, just rhythms, just sounds, that's what draws you in. It's just that, and then you're hooked!"

Putnam added, "Literally from the moment the curtain rises, you're immersed in the world of '42nd Street.' You're behind the scenes. You're backstage with the actors, the producers and production team. You get to see a glimpse of what it's really like to be a part of the big production."

The musical is set in the 1930's and the Kodak Center provides the perfect setting.  "It's the biggest house in Rochester and we are so excited to bring the show," Cushman said.  "I hope they'll take away there is still dreaming to be had. There's still so much that you can get of out this experience -- of live theatre and being a in a show of tapping. Tap is back!"

Cushman added, "I grew up loving the classics. This is one of those shows that stays with you. 'Lullaby of Broadway' - you're going to remember that song when you walk out the door."

For tickets and more information, call (585) 254-0073 or click here.



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