40 United passengers stranded at Rochester airport

ROCHESTER, N.Y. - United flight 380 out of Chicago's O'Hare airport was supposed to land in Buffalo around midnight Sunday, but because Buffalo's runway was shut down, the 140 passengers were dropped off in Rochester.

The runway shutdown had been scheduled for months according to the NFTA, but as of Saturday night, United was still headed there. United says they attempted to line up enough taxis for all the passengers, but that didn't work either.

"You will have plenty of taxis but it is not their duty to go to the airport because we are bound by their regulations it was given only to the airport taxi," said Melkie Demissie, co-owner of Park Avenue Taxi, which was called to help out. 

Park avenue taxi wanted to make sure passengers knew it wasn't a taxi issue, but a United one, saying cab companies were being blamed, but in reality, they're not even allowed to be at the airport unless called.

"That night we got a call from the contractor who does the airport unless we get a call from the customer, we're not allowed to line up at the airport it's only the company that has won the bid to the contract," said Demissie. 

Only Genesee transportation has the rights to the airport, and by the time United started making calls to cab companies, it was too little too late.


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