Local Family Reacts to "Bully"

Friday was the local debut for the first time the documentary "Bully" was shown in Rochester.

The film made headlines across the country. It follows 5 kids and their families, and shows how bullying drastically changed their lives.

Filmmakers say 13 million US kids are bullied each year.

The little sold 200 tickets for its first screening at 6:30.

Families, teens, parents and community members all came out to see the movie.
Devalise Santos

"It was a really really sad movie," Devalise Santos said. "It definitely was a great movie. It made me cry a lot. It made me open my eyes to the times when I wasn't very nice and I really do feel bad because seeing all of that  it really really changed my perspective on (bullying.)"

Filmmakers followed three kids who were bullied. As well as the families of two others who took their lives after being taunted, abused and picked on at school.

Following the film there was a talk back with a local student, parent and Miss New York Kaitlin Monte.

They discussed what local communities can do about this problem.

Parents i spoke to say they hope this film gets schools to take more action when bullying is happening in their hall ways.

They also say it's time for adults to "be real" with their kids and show making fun of others is not acceptable.

"I think we're a long way from, from it stopping but they need to talk," Mother of three Madelin Santos said. "That's number one, don't keep it to yourself."

"The movie left me and I think everyone in the theater feeling hopeful," Monte said. "That's what I think Lee Hirsch did that was brilliant. He found the hope in an issue that is very dark, because there is hope."

As Monte said many people felt the  film had a feeling of hope, but said it also made them angry and ready to fight against this problem.

The Little Theatre plans to run the film for three weeks. It's also showing at Pittsford Cinemas.

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