Local Company Wants Your Opinion on Super Bowl Ads

 A flood of new commercials are about to hit the airwaves.  You can pick the winners and losers from Super Bowl weekend.  Get ready for Customer Bowl V!

Like it?  Hate it?  Jump into an online focus group with Roberts Communications, which is based in Rochester.  Roberts created the Customer Bowl V page on Facebook.

Pretty soon, they'll post the top 8 to 10 anticipated Super Bowl ads on Facebook.  That includes the Coca-Cola ad with the Simpsons as Mr. Burns falls on hard times.  Head to the Facebook page to check off your favorites and start a discussion about what you like about them.

Maybe it's the humor in the Hyundai commercial.  You never know what can happen in 10 years; maybe Brett Favre wins MVP when he's still throwing the ball around.  Hyundai's pushing their 10 year warranty with that one.

Click here for a list of leaked commercials that you can watch now.

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