Local College Student Heads Up Project Well Wishes

Rochester, NY--A recent statistic finds more than three and a half million people die each year from water related illnesses. That's according to water.org. But one local college student is hoping to change that one drop of water at a time.

"We take for granted the water the resources we have available," says SUNY Geneseo Student Subia Khan. “

That's why she's started project well wishes--a non profit dedicated to providing fresh water to third world countries. Khan's interest was first sparked by one of her college professors.  

"Thru the various classes I was taking with Dr. Lisa Meyer, it really just resonated with me. "

Khan than brought the cause to the Islamic Center of Rochester and presented it to the youth group. They immediately jumped on board and now there's 15 members devoted to well wishes.

"I’ve been telling all my friends from school and seriously anyone interested," says 16 year old Fatima Bawany.

The goal is to build 50 wells in areas where there is the greatest need.

"They'll be able to go get their own water and not walk miles and miles to get dirty water from an old well, " says Project Member Anum Choudhry.

The total cost is $10,000. Khan’s hoping the community will get behind the project.  

"It doesn't matter race or ethnicity. This is something we really believe in to who could be involved in a group like this. "

Since starting their efforts two weeks ago, they've raised enough for two wells. A solid start but these teens say they won't stop until their goal is met:

"There's so many people that are less fortunate than us and it's our duty to help those who are less fortunate," adds Bawany.


There is a fundraiser scheduled at the center August 9th. They are showing the documentary “Thirst,” at 1:30.


For more information on the project or to learn more on how to donate, email Subia Khan at wellwishes.myg@gmail.com

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