Livingston County GOP Breaks Tie in DA Primary

In a standing room only meeting 100 members of the Livingston County Republican Committee chose a candidate for district attorney with an overwhelming majority. Eric Schiener won with 5,051.5 votes. Steve Sessler brought in 828 votes.

Geneseo Town's Deputy Supervisor, Roberta Irwin, who nominated Sessler Thursday night says she doesn't think the voting process properly represented the constitutes, "they should have at least had a half and half or two to three," said Irwin, "and I just don't think they represented their people well."

Sessler agrees, and says that's why he's not getting out of the race. His name will appear on the November ballot as a conservative, "we're going to go forward," says Sessler, "but you have to understand we have a heck of a machine in place, the supporters I have brought us to a dead even tie with the republican candidate."

Party nominee Eric Schiener says he's ready for the challenge, not just from Sessler, but the democratic candidate as well, "if it's a three way race bring it on," says Schiener, "I'm the only prosecutor left in this race"

Geneseo Town Supervisor Will Wadsworth, who nominated Schiener Thursday night, says a three way race isn't what the party needs, "we have a process, we've gone through that process, we had a primary, now we've broken that tie through the process, that's the legal process that we use," says Wadsworth, "and one candidate if they really support their party should step down."

Eric Schiener and Steve Sessler will face democratic candidate Greg McCaffrey in the November election.

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