One Stop Shop To Replace Stolen License Plates

One day after thieves stole dozens of license plates from cars in Gates and Chili, crime victims got the help they needed to get back on the road.

The DMV in Chili Town Hall made it possible. Dozens of people got new license plates Tuesday before heading out on the road. The DMV made a one stop shop for those affected.

The service was offered due to the number of people impacted by stolen license plates over the past weekend. Police say thieves targeted a least six complexes in Gates and Chili.

In order to replace stolen plates, all you had to do was bring in a police report, fill out the MV-82 registration form and have a valid driver's license.

"Gates Police came, rung the doorbell and said, we have a report we need you to fill out. And I say why? He said well a lot of people had their license plate stolen and yours was one," said Mike Pazdyk.

"People in Gates and Chili have been inconvenienced being a victim of a crime, so I decided to reach out to the Town of Gates and the Town of Chili and Patrick O'Flynn and see if we can come up with a solution to bring some normalcy to these folks whose lives have been a little bit disrupted," said Cheryl Dinolfo, Monroe County Clerk.

"I'm going to get a set of those tamper proof license plate screws and nuts," said Pazdyk.

The process was done free of charge. The DMV also extended its hours so drivers could go before work.

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