LDC Reform

Despite a state investigation it's business as usual at the Monroe County Legislature. Democrats called for reforms of local development corporations.

Tuesday night, Republicans shot down it down. It comes after indictments for bid rigging LDC contracts. Four people, including Bob Weisner,  the husband of Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks have been arrested.

The democrats argue there has never been any oversight into the county's LDCs.  It doesn't look like they're going to get their wish for reform anytime soon.

Tuesday was a day of banter back and forth between Monroe County democrats and republicans when it comes to the future practice of LDCs.

"We hope now that people realize the significance of what's happening and with the Attorney General's investigation, the FBI investigation.  43 felony counts we're certainly optimistic that Republicans will decide that now is the time to assert their independence and have all of us exercise our proper oversight," said Carrie Andrews, (D) Monroe County Legislature Minority Leader.

Democrats proposed eight points for change including:
Legislative consent before any LDC contract is assigned to a vendor.
Legislative approval of all LDC board appointments.
Legislative approval of all LDC budgets, to name a few.

Republicans responded with familiar rhetoric about protecting taxpayer dollars.

"Every penny has to be accounted for.  We're all Monroe County taxpayers in this room, as is myself.  And we are looking out for every last penny of taxpayer money.  My eye is on the ball when it comes to that," said Steve Tucciarello, (R) Monroe County Legislature Majority Leader.

The LDC reform proposal failed on a party line vote.  Ten democrats in favor. Eighteeen republicans against.

"I feel the legislature has failed to exercise its oversight responsibility for years when it comes to these LDCs.  And at this point in time, the ongoing investigation showed there are irregularities. i mean the county Executive and Mr. Vacco have acknowledged that as well," said Andrews.

The failed vote put an end to talk on LDCs for now.

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