Lawsuit Over Monroe County Fair Relocation


The Monroe County Fair kicked off today, but not without some controversy.  Neighbors who live near the fairgrounds filed a lawsuit against Monroe County and the fair because of the fair's move from the Dome Arena in Henrietta to Northampton Park.

"It's a park for the people, not a private corporation," attested Dennis Kindred, one of about 60 people who are unhappy with the fair's relocation.  "This was a backroom deal; pre-planned and totally made for the Monroe County Fair Association."

Kindred and others decided to create a non-profit to fight against the move.  He says he's done the research, and the ground at Northampton Park isn't stable enough for development, and the site has poor drainage.  He claims some local legislators have lied about the situation and fears that this small county fair will soon turn into something much larger.

Kindred says he's never heard of any "money-making organization" that wanted to keep things small.  He feels that the fair is only benefiting local politicians and not the community.  "They are doing the wrong thing here," he explains.  "They've done things that we think are illegal and we're willing to prove it in court; they've altered documents and they've lied to us."

Kindred went on to say: "our investigation shows that the documents were presented, and signed by the County Executive, but on a second look through a foil request, we discovered that the documents were altered.  They were not amended, they were changed."

Monroe County's Communications Director told News 8 that they wouldn't speak in regards to legal issues.  But Sarah  Colby, a Monroe County Fair board member, says folks like Kindred have it all wrong.

"They believe something different," said Colby.  "Unfortunately, when we try to explain differently they still think there is something else going on that isn't."  Colby says they picked the Northampton location for it's space and the chance to be next to all the "AG Farms" in the area.  "The best thing anyone can do is come see for themselves because everyone who comes up here says, 'oh it's a nice site.'"

Still, Dennis Kindred says, he doesn't buy it, and claims he's willing to "go as far on this thing needs to go," to win.

The next steps in this case are expected to be depositions.

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