Xerox Could Add 350 Jobs in Webster

Xerox Corporation is exploring the idea of adding a call center to its Webster Campus that could create 350 new jobs.

The copier giant is looking for tax breaks from Monroe County as part of a $4 million renovation to an existing building at the site.  Xerox has not given the greenlight to the project yet, but all signs indicate it will soon.

Webster Town Supervisor Ronald Nesbitt said Monday he received word last Friday that Xerox was considering the job expansion.  "It's great that these businesses are re-investing in Rochester, and especially Webster," he said.

The plan would be to renovate some 20,000 square feet inside Building 200 and create a call center.  The space would be leased to Affiliated Computer Services, which Xerox acquired in 2010, to process outsourcing and IT services for commercial and government services worldwide.

In a statement, Xerox spokesperson Bill McKee said, "Xerox Corporation is exploring the option of establishing an ACS call center in Webster that could create 350 new jobs."  Xerox has asked the Monroe County Industrial Development Agency, COMIDA, to consider sales tax abatement on purchases to renovate the building.  COMIDA will hold a public hearing on that proposal next Monday at 10 A.M. at Webster Town Hall.  Nesbitt said, given recent headlines, this is great news.  "We hear about Kodak, that's unfortunate, but to have Xerox do this in the Town of Webster it is absolutely huge for the community and economic development in the Town of Webster," he said.

The renovation is expected to cost between $4 and $5 million.  Nesbitt noted, hundreds of new employees in Webster would have an economic ripple effect in the community.  "Maybe they'll buy a house, maybe they'll live here, great for the School District, great for the Town, great for the Village," he said.

Nesbitt said after next week's public hearing, the Village would need to approve any renovation permits, and once that happens, Xerox could begin with the Webster Campus Project. 

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