Teen's Journal Reveals Plan for Attack

 Canandaigua police say they found writings from Thomas Kane, 17, who killed himself inside the bathroom at Canandaigua Academy May 5. A journal entry with the same date has provided clues to what Kane's true intentions may have been.

At a press conference Wednesday afternoon, Chief Jon Welch read excerpts from the entry. Kane wrote: "Let me clear up some conclusions that you are probably jumping to. This is not a case of a kid being so tormented that he knows no other way to lash out and I'm not just someone looking to be famous. I could care less about all that. I'm killing just to kill, not for a cause, not because I was bullied, just to kill."

In another part, Kane indicated why he may have had plans to kill others. He wrote: "I'm not just another school shooter. The reason it's happening in a school is because my hatred has had time to grow towards all the people in that school."

Police say he did not specify any targets. They still do not know his exact plans or why he ended up changing course and only killing himself.

Surveillance tapes did show Kane bringing weapons in the school. Police say he brought in the sawed-off shotgun he used to kill himself through a side door. They believe the ammunition and molotav cocktails were brought in in a duffle bag through the main doors. Police say they also found lighters and accelerant in Kane's car, which was parked in the parking lot.

Police and school officials are working together to improve security at the school. They plan to increase monitors in the hallways as well as at the doors. In the long-term, Superintendent Donald Raw says they will be looking at using hand-held metal detectors and video surveillance more effectively.

School officials plan on holding two meetings in the coming weeks. One to talk to parents about suicide. It's scheduled for Wed., May 20, at the Middle School Auditorium The second will be to discuss the events of May 5, including school and police procedures. That meeting will be May 26 in the Academy Auditorium.

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