Study: Majority Of People Don't Cover Coughs And Sneezes

Despite a huge push by health officials to get us to cough or sneeze into our arms, a majority of people aren't covering their germ laden blasts correctly.

That's the finding of a newly released study by medical students in New Zealand. The students secretly watched and recorded the actions of hundreds of people as they coughed or sneezed at a train station, a shopping mall and a hospital.

The study discovered while about 75% of people tried to cover a sneeze or cough, two out of three used their hands. Only one in 77 people pulled off the so-called "Dracula" move, raising an elbow to the face.

Coughing into hands just spreads disease as people touch doorknobs and share things like computers.

The study was presented this week at a conference on infectious diseases in Atlanta.

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