Sharon Shechter Still Missing After 10 Years

  There's never a day that goes by that Sandy Poole doesn't think of her daughter Sharon Shechter. 

"It gets harder with time I think. But you've got to go on," Poole says.

She wears her daughter's pin every day. Hoping someone, somewhere will remember something. "I thought somebody would have come forward by now. I'm so sad today, it's a terrible day," says Poole.

Shechter was last seen outside her Perinton home December 9th 2001. Her minivan was found outside a Gates motel with blood inside a few days later. Since then there have been few leads and little hope of finding her alive.

Poole says, "oh god it's so hard."

Shechter had three children who are now all teens, Poole keeps giving them their mother's belongings so they will have something to hold onto.

"When they come over here I give them things of Sharon's. I gave the girls the wedding dress and different things. Got more stuff to give them now when they come over," Poole adds.

 Poole hopes someday she'll also have answers for her grandchildren about what happened to their mother.

If you have any information on Shechter's disappearance, call the Monroe County Sheriff's Department at (585) 753-4723.

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