New Stricter Rules of the Road for Teen Drivers

Teen drivers will now need more on-the-road experience before getting their license.

"Drivers education is a great program, but it only gives you between six and eight hours of actual in car instruction so that's not a heck of a lot," said Larry Scott, manager at Morgan Driving School.

Prior to the new law, drivers under 18 who took drivers education were exempt from 50 hours of on the road practice. Now, they must complete that training.

"By requiring even drivers ed students to get at least 50 hours of practice that should, by the time they hit the road as licensed drivers they should be better," said Scott.

Once they get their license teens are only allowed one non-family member under 21 in the car with them. Prior this this law, it was two. Scott says with so many distractions for teens, this eliminates a big one.

"Studies show very conclusively that the more kids there are in a car, the more likely they are to have a crash because there are more things going on.  You've got kids in the back fooling around, you've got this, you've got that," he said.

The new rules also allow parents to be notified if their teenage son or daughter has a traffic conviction, license suspension or is in a reported accident.

"Most parents I would think would want to know right away when their young drivers have gotten a ticket or especially been in an accident," said Scott.

Parents must fill out a form and mail it to the DMV to sign up for the service. Click here for that form.


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