Miss New York Trying to Outlaw Cyberbullying

WEBSTER, NY - Miss New York Kaitlin Monte spoke to high school students in Webster about the importance of outlawing cyberbullying.

On Friday, she spoke during a Webster Shroeder High School assembly about her own experience as a bullying victim.

After seeing family and friends teased, and hearing about the recent death of buffalo area teen Jamey Rodemeyer, Monte said cyberbullying needs to be outlawed.

She's very determined to get a law put in place especially now that bullies can target their victims 24/7 via the web .

She is currently working with lawmakers to bring forth legislation. Monte said they need input from students to can make it effective.

Many high schooler students said they're glad she's taking on the issue.

"I think that's a good idea because there's people who make the laws that aren't out there who get bullied and stuff and it's us," Rachel Pulvino said. "We need to like step up and say something because we are the ones who are actually in it."

Currently there is no cyberbullying law in New York State.

Monte said lawmakers now have a Website where they are asking students to fill out a survey about the issue.


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