Group Opposes Trainer

A group of local dog trainers handed out flyers outside the Auditorium Theatre Sunday night. They oppose the methods of Cesar Millan...a trainer also known as the "Dog Whisperer." He held a seminar Sunday night inside the theatre before thousands of people.


The group claims that Millan's method of showing dominance over a dog can lead to fear in your pet. They say using force or punishment on your dog can cause them to hide signs of fear...and that could make them more aggressive and dangerous.   Members of the group say controlling your dog by force may make the act stop for a minute but it won't allow them to understand the meaning behind it.


"In the last 20 years research has proven from animal study of behavior and dogs by leading behaviorists in the country that dogs pretty much learn as humans learn. When you use intimidation and fear... it's very hard for any subject to process what you want them to know," said dog trainer Ada Simms


Millan's team issued a statement at the theatre as well, saying his methods create a balanced and healthy relationship between people and their pets and help correct deep rooted behavioral problems.  It also says he encourages pet owners to find the method that best suits them.

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