Fit Kids: Public Market

Healthy eating could be one of the most simple ways to fix your health, and starting at an early age could only help the chances of healthy habits from setting in.

"So many of the diseases we suffer from as a society today are preventable, often with healthy eating," said Margaret O'Neill.

The Rochester Public Market wants your kids to be lifelong healthy eaters.  That's why they're providing them with an opportunity to see the market from behind-the-scenes.

"Everyone just loves this market, been here for 105 years, open year round. It's a great way to see where your food is coming from so you can buy directly from local farmers. You can talk to the farmers, where they're from, what they're producing, how they're growing it," said O'Neill.

It's a meet and greet not only between kids and farmers, but between kids and fresh produce.

"They're learning about healthy eating, so seeing first hand what wonderful fruits and vegetables you can buy locally, fresh, and affordable and that that's a part of a healthy lifestyle," said O'Neill.

And no, this isn't just a boring old walk through the market.  They'll keep your kids engaged, and ready to learn.

"I love to have the kids look for a fruit or veggie they don't recognize ask the farmer what it is, how do you use it, and then encourage them to try something for the first time," said O'Neill.

So what's the fan-favorite part of the tour?

"They love the fruits and veggies, but I have to say its the fish man. When he kisses the fish that's probably the highlight of the tour for everybody."

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