Civil Right tour bus

A-CIVILRIGHTSTOURBUS2008-02-21-1203635762.jpgBe on the lookout for a civil rights museum on wheels. This green and yellow bus is a 1955 GMC. It's a similar bus to the one Rosa Parks was on when she refused to move, touching off the Montgomery Bus Boycott, one of the most crucial events of the civil rights movement.

Inside there are exhibits, interactive video and audio clips from Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King. School board member Van White says it’s a great way to bring the story to out of the museum.

"The fact that this part of our history will not be lost because we can engage the community in a current understanding of the civil rights moment by actually touching and feeling a part of history makes it even more dramatic," says White.

The bus is essentially an extension of the Center for Civil and Human Rights Laws...a museum created two years ago.

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