A Local Fit Family is Breathing...and Expanding

A fit family that started a yoga studio in Pittsford in 2002, now has plans to expand across New York and across the country, to help others stay in shape.

For Cyndi Weis, yoga is a family affair.

She described the staff at her company, Breathe Yoga. "My older daughter Carly is the director of our yoga program. She's an acupuncturist at our spa in Pittsford. My daughter Abby runs the retail in both areas."

Weis started Breathe Yoga in 2002 as a hobby when her daughters went off to college.

Years later she opened another location in Webster and now plans to open a third in downtown Rochester.

She added "There are a lot of our regular yogis who are driving up Monroe Avenue several times a week, getting stuck in traffic to get to Pittsford, and I just want to make it easier.We want more people doing more yoga."

Weis offers classes mainly in vinyasa yoga, where poses are done in a heated room.

She's also a registered dietician, offering local organic food made at a production kitchen at Breathe.

She says diet is an important piece of the lifestyle.

"Yoga means union. It means relationship. So body, mind, soul, breath, food belongs in that sentence too. The way you feed yourself effects your mood, your physical health, the way you feel."

Soon even more people will get Weis' message. She plans to franchise Breathe across upstate New York.

Weis added "Breathe has meant so much to my family -me, my husband, my 2 daughters-that we want to help other people in other towns do that same thing."

Weis' daughter Carly is excited to create more fit families close to home and nationwide.

She said "I started doing yoga with my mom when I was 16. So I think having something in common and to provide a space where you can let other people have that common interest it's the best part of the job."

Click here to visit Breathe Yoga's website.

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