Large Backlog Of Vet Disability Benefits Claims

- About 400,000 veterans are stuck in the Department of Veteran Affrairs disability benefits backlog. 

The federal government is making progress in processing these claims. The VA says this has never been acceptable, but they are moving in the right direction. By 2015, their goal is to eliminate the entire backlog. So how are they doing it? Since May, the Veterans Benefits Administration has directed 20 hours of mandatory overtime per month for claims processors. The overtime was halted during the government shutdown, which lasted for 17 days last month. The VBA says the processors are committed to changing the VA into a paperless system and ending the backlog for good. The new computer system is the main focus, finally helping wounded veterans waiting months, some event years, to receive financial help.

Right now, processors have focused on claims that had been waiting longer than one year. As of November 4th, the VBA has completed 93 percent of them. 

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