Kids Use Boxing to stay Fit

    For 12-year-old Joseph Silivestro it's all about getting, and staying, in the ring.
    He said "My grandfather actually boxed when he was a kid and he was always telling me about it and I guess I wanted to try it. So we were looking for a boxing gym and this is where we ended up."
    He's part of the beginner youth boxing program at ROC Boxing.
    It's a class for 8 to 16 year old's that includes everything from how to stand, to how and when to punch.
    Coach Bernie Barco's been training kids like these for 18 years.
     He admits his 8 week program is tough, but the change he sees in his students is amazing.
    "Like a lot of sports, boxing requires a lot of conditioning and a lot of discipline. The skills have to be gone over, and over, and over again in order to hone them out and make them work in that ring for yourself."
    Staying fit is not the only benefit of boxing.
    Coach Barco says the sport also helps train young people to deal with many other issues in life.
    "It's so important as far as life skills are concerned and doing well in school. Having the confidence to tackle that item that you thought you might not be able to. Once you've gotten in the ring and went that 4 or 5 rounds by yourself (there's no team behind you, its just you and your opponent) once you've done that and you've accomplished that then they realize they can do anything."
    For more information on ROC Boxing, click here.

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