Why ROC: Simon Games unique to Rochester

- The University of Rochester Simon School of Business Simon Games was the focus of our Why ROC segment Wednesday on News 8 at Sunrise.

Carin Conlon, the Assistant Dean of Executive and Professional Programs at the Simon School, discussed the initiative and its unique qualities.  She said the Simon Games is the online business simulation scholarship competition for the MBA programs at the Simon School of Business.  The online competition makes you the CEO of your own firm, with capital to invest and all of the decisions to make for the company over the equivalent of two years of business.

There are two games.  One is a practice round for the player to become familiar with the type of decisions required and to learn the computer interface.  The second game is the real competition.  You are grouped with several other competitors and your decisions will determine how your company performs.  The competition takes place over seven weeks.  The top 10 players, based upon a cumulative balanced scorecard, will be finalists.  They will be invited to campus to report to the board.  In a 10 minute presentation, they will share their strategy, how they performed and what they learned.

Each program (part time, full time and executive) will have its own report to the board.  For each group of 10 finalists, four scholarships will be awarded - one full tuition scholarship and three partial scholarships.

The Simon Games are designed to teach competitors what it's like to run every aspect of a global firm.  They will experience the challenge of time management, with the expectation they will spend two to 10 hours a week on the game, in addition to their work and personal lives.  They will be exposed to aspects of business they know well, and others they don't know as well.  The opportunity enables them to come into the MBA program with a keen sense of what skills they would like to improve, whether that be operations, strategy, marketing, decision analysis, or the like.

As recently reported in US News and Bloomberg, the Simon Business School is the only school with this type of scholarship competition.  It's been run for the last three years for the Executive MBA program, and for the first time it's being offered for all of the MBA programs.  People from all over the U.S. and Canada are competing.  So far, the furthest competitor is in Hawaii.

The deadline to register for the Simon Games is February 3.  The competition begins February 10.  For more information, click here

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