Why ROC: iVEDiX provides business intelligence innovation

- Data and mobile technology innovation was the subject of our Why ROC interview Wednesday morning on News 8 at Sunrise.

Rajesh Kutty, the founder and CEO of iVEDiX, discussed his company's role in the business intelligence industry.

Kutty said business intelligence is an ever-changing industry, but the current focus is on the spread of business intelligence (BI) technologies to many more industries than just the traditional BI areas.  Healthcare is an example of an area where BI methods first developed in retail are being utilized to help improve patient wait times and better access to care.

Specifically, iVEDiX is focused on the growth of mobile BI solutions.  It has developed the innovative miVEDiX platform, which promises the shortest distance between data and device.  While other mobile BI products are basically retooled desktop apps, miVEDiX creates a powerful direct connection with the user's data.  It integrates with practically any back-end data solution, so there's no need to use a certain vendor or provider to use miVEDiX.

The miVEDiX platform also has brilliant visuals and a fast, robust interface.  You can drag and drop data points and measures from various frames, or drag them from the disc navigation.  You are visualizing your data and interacting with it.

Kutty said Rochester is a great area for his company, in part, because of its size.  Unlike larger cities, there is less competition for the large pool of talented graduates of the local colleges and universities.  Rochester is also blessed with some of the premier schools for business and technology.  The environment drives the culture of innovation, and nurtures start-up companies.  Kutty also said the investment opportunities are great in Rochester, with many folks open to backing innovative projects with a vision of seeing rewards 2, 5 and 10 years down the road.

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