Tips for people with diabetes

- Dr. Brendan O'Connor of Highland Family Medicine discussed diabetes and offered tips for people living with the disease Thursday on News 8 at Sunrise.

Dr. O'Connor explained that diabetes occurs when the body can't control the amount of sugar that's in the blood.  Diabetics don't produce enough insulin to lower that sugar level.  Type 1 diabetics suffer from a genetic condition.  For Type 2 diabetics, it's more environmental, where the body produces the insulin but doesn't listen to it.

Dr. O'Connor offered three tips for diabetics to follow.

1. Eat better, move more - better diet and more activity are the cornerstones to better control of your diabetes

2. See your doctor regularly - you should see your doctor at least once every six months, one to three months is required for most diabetics

3. Know your numbers (especially your A1C) - the people who do the best are the ones who know what their number is, the most important number being you A1C, a blood test that determines what your sugars have been doing on average for the past three months

Dr. O'Connor said being proactive gives you the best chance to better control your diabetes. 


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