Local families create 1961 Vodka

- Five friends and neighbors from Victor have taken an idea suggested at a party and turned it into their own vodka distilling company.

The product is called "1961 Vodka" and is produced by Stonehurst Brands LLC.  Lisa Ginther and Teresa Parsons, two of the founding members, discussed the new venture Friday on News 8 at Sunrise.

The idea for 1961 Vodka was sparked during a party when the discussion turned to artificially flavored vodkas.  Someone suggested it would be nice to have vodka with a "classic" taste.  It was then observed that the Finger Lakes region had all the ingredients necessary to create such a vodka.  Ginter and Parsons said the year, 1961, was chosen to be part of the vodka's name because it reflects a time when vodka became popular in the United States during the Cold War.  It's also a time when JFK and Marilyn Monroe became American icons, and the nation was captived by Roger Maris' 61 home run feat. 

Today, 1961 Vodka is distilled along Cayuga Lake from Finger Lakes-grown soft white wheat to ensure a clean, crisp, quality taste with a smooth finish.  It's available at several liquor stores and restaurants.

To learn more about 1961 Vodka and how to purchase the product, click here.

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