Honeoye Village Residents Split Over Drive-Thru Restaurants

Dozens of storefronts line the historic main street in Honeoye Falls.  One thing you wont find is a drive-thru restaurant, "we have to weigh the decision on would a Dunkin Donuts, or any type of fast food, would it really be a detriment to the village or could it be a positive benefit," explained Village Mayor Richard Milne.

Dunkin Donuts wants to build a restaurant on a plot of land on West Main Street.  It's outside the village proper, near a Family Dollar and Rite Aid, "we have a viable business in front of us, I don't know if we want to take a chance on losing that opportunity, and tell them they're going to have to wait until the whole comprehensive plan is done," explained Mayor Milne.

The Village Board is in the middle of developing a comprehensive plan.  As part of the process they sent a survey to more than 1,200 residents asking their opinions on a variety of issues.  About 500 responded.  They were split on the issue of drive-thru restaurants, "it's not too far to drive into Pittsford or Henrietta if you need a cup of coffee plus we already have local coffee vendors in the town," explained Joe Mauro of Honeoye Falls, "I think that would effect them as well, having a franchise like that in the village."

Tom Vail visits Honeoye Falls, he weighed in by saying, "I think if it was built into the store fronts and kept the image up of an old town it would be fine."

Honeoye Falls resident Anne Brower is in favor of changing the code and bringing Dunkin Donuts to the village, "it's always good quality it's good, consistent, I know what they have, it's always available, and it's usually easy parking, or easy to get to, I don't have to fight in a parking lot to get there, so I'd be thrilled to have it here."

The Village Board will meet Monday night.  If the board decides to open a public hearing on the issue comments would be heard for at least 30 days.

The comprehensive plan is expected to be finished within six months to a year.

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